June 2024

Container Monitoring

Containers, such as those orchestrated by platforms like Docker or Kubernetes, encapsulate an application along with its dependencies, making monitoring crucial for ensuring these applications run smoothly and efficiently.

Atatus Container Monitoring provides essential capabilities for overseeing the performance and health of containerized environments, ensuring optimal operation and proactive issue resolution.

Container Monitoring

Key Features:

  • Automatic Discovery and Tracking: Detect and monitor new containers and services as they are deployed and track their performance metrics over time.
  • End-to-end Visibility: Get comprehensive visibility across your entire containerized infrastructure for better management and control.
  • CPU and Memory Usage: Track how much CPU and memory each container is using to optimize resource allocation.
  • Disk and Network I/O: Monitor data read/write operations and network traffic to identify bottlenecks.
  • Container State: Check if containers are running, paused, or stopped.
  • Restart Counts: Monitor how often containers restart, which can indicate stability issues.
  • Auto-Scaling Triggers: Scale containers up or down based on predefined metrics like CPU utilization or request rates.
  • Integration with Orchestration Tools: Support for Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, etc., to manage container lifecycle and deployments.
  • Resource Optimization: Identify over-provisioned or under-utilized containers to optimize costs.
  • Forecasting: Predict future resource needs based on historical usage patterns.

Take your containerized applications to the next level with our advanced container monitoring feature. Start optimizing your performance, reliability, and resource utilization.

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