February 2020

Python APM Release

Atatus has introduced a new feature for their Python Application Performance Monitoring (APM) agents that enhances their logging capabilities. This update allows the automatic collection and forwarding of application logs in context with other telemetry data like metrics and traces. This integration simplifies the process for developers by embedding log collection directly into the APM agents, removing the need for separate log forwarding configurations and enabling faster troubleshooting by providing all relevant data in a single view.

Python APM

Benefits of the New Python APM Release

  • Precise Problem Identification: With the Atatus Python agent, you can monitor your application and quickly locate exact problem areas. This enables developers to address issues promptly, improving overall application performance and stability.

  • In-Depth Analysis and Improvement: The Python APM allows for collecting detailed data to understand the reasons behind issues. This facilitates an in-depth analysis, helping developers implement effective improvements to prevent future problems.

  • Support for Popular Frameworks: The APM supports widely-used Python frameworks such as Django and Flask, ensuring seamless integration and comprehensive monitoring across different types of Python applications.

  • Extensive Database Compatibility: The Python APM supports various popular databases, including MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, and Cassandra.

You can refer our documentation here to see how to setup our Python agent in your Python apps.

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