February 2020

Single Page Application(SPA) Monitoring

We are happy to announce that we have now introduced support for SPA (Single Page Application) monitoring as part of our browser monitoring services. With the rising popularity of single page applications, demand for monitoring them has increased. With the SPA feature, we have added a tab called Routes that is available in your dashboards to monitor your average route time, ajax call performance within these routes, slowest routes, and more.

Single Page Application(SPA) Monitoring

Single Page Application (SPA) Monitoring provides detailed insights into the performance and user experience of SPAs, which dynamically update content without full page reloads. This monitoring solution tracks essential metrics like page load times, route changes, AJAX requests, and JavaScript errors. SPA Monitoring also offers features such as distributed tracing to follow requests across services and detailed error analytics to highlight JavaScript issues.

With Atatus SPA Monitoring, you can now:

  • Know the Most Visited and Most Time-Consuming Routes: Understand which routes in your web application are the most frequently accessed and which ones take the most time to load, allowing you to prioritize efforts where they will have the greatest impact on user experience.

  • Get Information on the Average Route Time: Monitor the average load time for each route to identify performance trends and ensure that your application meets performance expectations consistently.

  • Monitor All Ajax Calls and Their Performance: Track all Ajax calls made within each route and assess their performance to identify potential issues with data retrieval and third-party service integrations, ensuring seamless and fast data updates.

  • Identify the Slowest Routes and Their Causes: Quickly pinpoint the slowest routes in your application and understand the underlying causes, enabling you to address performance bottlenecks and improve the overall responsiveness of your SPA.

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