What are the most common web application issues that you might face day-to-day in your application?

In the era of the online and digital world, you all know how important it is to check the performance of your web application often to reduce the poor user experience. With our monitoring, all your application issues are solved and eliminated in real time.

Atatus APM digital solutions are better in solving complex web application related problems.

Here are the top most 5 common Web Application Issues.

1. Slow Response times

When customers feel, your web app page takes more time to load, they obviously tend to move to the other business page. Slow loading pages may be due to More usage of resources, Poor web server configuration, and sudden traffic spikes.

Poor load distribution can also cause slow response times. When too many users visit your site, that means, too many users are on the server, web application issues will occur. Choose the best infrastructure monitoring tool in the market to avoid slow response times.

2. DNS Queries

Malfunctioning DNS Queries do not allow your users to reach your website, thereby causing 404 errors. Ensure your customers are having a satisfactory user experience and do check DNS Queries problems.

Prefer DNS monitoring to know about the issues sooner before impacting the customer digital experience. Check VLAN tags often to troubleshoot this kind of performance issue.

3. Database deadlocks

This happens when two threads of execution are trying to acquire the resources locked by each other. This is dangerous because new requests made are just piled up in the execution queue.

In the end, the system denies all the requests due to the overloading of requests. Moreover, unoptimized databases can destroy the application whereas optimized databases can allow high security and efficient performance.

4. Poor code

In general, memory leaks issues may go unnoticed as it deals with the line of bad codes. Sometimes, you find it very difficult to spot which code is responsible for memory leaks, synchronization issues, and ineffective algorithms.

Maybe the old versions of your application also affect the website’s performance. Make sure your developers have high coding knowledge and know how to tackle these issues faster.

5. Unexpected high traffic

Occasionally, High traffic may happen due to any trending blogs or videos of which you are not aware. This will slow down the server performance.

So, be prepared for unexpected traffic spikes, otherwise, your valuable customer will experience poor performance from your application. A good web application should not affect the transactions in the application.

Monitor Your Entire Application with Atatus

Atatus provides a set of performance measurement tools to monitor and improve the performance of your front-end, backends, logs, and infrastructure applications in real-time with Real User Monitoring.

Our platform can capture millions of performance data points from your applications, allowing you to quickly resolve issues and ensure digital customer experiences.

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