What is an API Monitoring?

See local variables in the stack for prod errors, just like in your dev environment. Explore the full source code context with frame to function data. Filter and group API exceptions intuitively to eliminate noise.

Expose the important events that led to each API exception: warnings, past errors, custom breadcrumbs. Get a full view of releases so you can mark errors as resolved and prioritize live issues.

Applications are only one part of your stack, and APM is only one part of Full-Stack Observability. Troubleshoot, debug, and optimize performance across your entire stack in one unified user experience. Get connected context from logs, infrastructure, applications, tracing, serverless, and end-user experience—without having to switch between tools.

API Performance Monitoring

Quickly identify API performance issues and view full end-to-end distributed trace to see the exact, poor-performing API call and surface any related errors. Get the real-time data and detailed reporting you need to solve performance issues early.

Debugging any API Exception

Aggregate errors by factors like request details, user ID, and app versions to see what’s new, a priority or a trend.

Assign custom key-value tags to reproduce the error environment specific to your application, business, and users.

Answer the most important questions: How actionable is the error? Can I snooze the alert?

Visibility and analytics without the hassle

Detect anomalies, discover root causes, and optimize performance across your distributed environment. With APM you can deploy, monitor, and scale services with confidence. And you get one user and 100GB per month of data ingest completely free.

Troubleshoot hidden errors in minutes

Whether you’re an engineering at a Fortune 500 enterprise or troubleshooting code as a solo developer, Atatus is easy to deploy. No complex configuration, no hardware to maintain, no added toil. Just sign up for free and begin ingesting data to monitor your stack.

  • Auto-instrumentation and curated views means you don’t have to stand up servers, stitch together tools, or sift through logs.

  • Detect anomalies, discover deficiencies, and improve on the key metrics that are crucial for your business.

  • Query-based analytics and customizations help you stay on top of the complex issues in your application environment.

One platform, hundreds of integrations

Atatus One integrates with hundreds of cloud services, tools, and open standards, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Filter, analyze, and query data, create information-rich dashboards, and set alerts on all your services in one connected platform.

Monitor API performance and evaluate the end user's experience with your applications using APM Insight's API monitoring agent. You can ascertain user satisfaction with the help of APDEX scores. Important parameters like response times, throughput, and exceptions can reveal a lot about the API server and its applications; you can optimize the performance and improve APDEX scores with the help of this information.

Debug your API applications with traces

Transaction traces give concise information about every transaction in your APIs. They are primarily used for debugging. APM Insight for API application monitoring provides traces which help you identify performance problems with records of function calls, database calls, and external calls in the order of invocations.

With the help of automated service maps, you can visualize the dependencies of your application and analyze the critical metrics of the external components associated with your application. Get a list of top 5 entries for all critical metrics. Get information about the health and operational status of all the components and become aware of issues instantly. You will also be able to quickly understand what other components can be potentially affected by a failing service.

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