Single Page Application (SPA) monitoring

See a detailed overview of how your users’ real experience is on the route changes without page loads. View each route change and the AJAX calls that happen within each change, their performance and impact on your user actions.

SPA Monitoring
SPASPA Time Consumption

See how much time is consumed with each route change

Get a comprehensive overview of each route change and how it impacts your users without page loads. Within each route, get aggregated metrics for response times, throughput, minimum time and the maximum time it takes.

SPA Time
RoutesSlow SPA Route Changes

Pinpoint route changes with traces that are slowing down

View the list of all slow route changes along with the ajax breakdown to understand which XHR calls had the most impact, when it was called and measure in a long term if your changes improve performance.

Slow Routes
SPAAJAX Breakdown

See which AJAX calls affect a particular route change

Drill down into individual AJAX operations within each route change to understand which end points have the most impact on your routes, along with specific details of the total time consumed, response time, throughput of that operation.


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