March 2019

Infrastructure Monitoring and Fresh Alerting

Infrastructure Monitoring

We are happy to announce that Atatus has developed an important and new feature called Infrastructure Monitoring.

This feature helps you to monitor the health and the performance of the hosts by providing real-time metrics.

Infrastructure Monitoring

You can do the following in Infrastructure Monitoring:

You can monitor the performance of the hosts based on the percentage of CPU used, the amount of memory consumed, the load time, the I/O wait time. A graphical representation of the performance is provided which will help in analyzing the slow downs, the large usage of the CPU and Memory. Using this information, you can find out the causes of the issues and resolve it.

You can view the performance of all the processes, their CPU and memory usage, their load times. The processes that consume the most memory and CPU can be identified easily. For instance, if you want to monitor the file descriptor count of a specific process, you can see those information from the Processes tab.

There is a new feature available, Checks that can be setup to monitor the health(uptime) of any apps running on the hosts.

New Alerting

The new alerting feature is available for Browser Monitoring, Application Monitoring(APM) and Infrastructure Monitoring.


You can create a new Alert Policy, which is simply a group of rules that define conditions to create an alert. Rules can be created for following use cases:

  • If ajax response time is longer than certain threshold.
  • If page load time is longer than certain threshold.
  • If the backend response time is longer.
  • If a process takes more CPU or memory.
  • If disk space of host is going above 90%.

Notification channels are available that will allow you to choose the channel via which you want to receive the alert.

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