April 2018

PHP 5.x Support

PHP 5.x support refers to the continued maintenance, bug fixes, and security updates provided for versions 5.0 through 5.6 of the PHP programming language.

Before introducing PHP 5.x support in Atatus monitoring, PHP 4 lacked essential features that became standard with PHP 5.x.

This meant Atatus users monitoring PHP 4 applications couldn't leverage features like rewritten MySQL, prepared statements, SSL connections, multi-query functions, bound input and output parameters, XML operations as a whole, standardized XML extensions, improved error handling, or utilize SOAP extensions for simple object access protocol.

PHP Monitoring

Consequently, monitoring and optimizing PHP 4 applications for performance, security, and scalability was significantly limited compared to the capabilities provided by Atatus' support for PHP 5.x and later versions.

The benefits of PHP 5.x support:

  1. Advanced PHP Features Utilization:

    • Efficient PHP 5.x features like rewritten MySQL, prepared statements, SSL connections, and multi-query functions for enhanced application functionality and security.

  2. Improved Monitoring Capabilities:

    • Gain complete insights into PHP application performance with real-time monitoring, detailed transaction traces, and error diagnostics, enabling rapid issue identification and resolution.

  3. Proactive Management:

    • Proactively manage PHP applications with PHP 5.x support in Atatus monitoring, enabling proactive issue detection, efficient troubleshooting, and continuous performance optimization.

  4. Business Agility:

    • Achieve business objectives more effectively with PHP 5.x support in Atatus monitoring, ensuring high-quality web experiences, and facilitating agile decision-making based on real-time insights into application performance.

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