November 2021

Synthetic Monitoring

We are excited to announce that we have introduced a new feature called Synthetic Monitoring to Atatus.

Browser Synthetic monitoring runs simulated user interactions and lets you measure the availability and responsiveness of your web application. With the Multistep API tests, you can simply identify potential bottlenecks in your API endpoints and fix them before they become too severe. Monitor each API request presented in your application from multiple locations across the globe.

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring offers,

  • Application Uptime.
  • Response time of each request.
  • Status of HTTP, TCL, DNS, SSL, and ICMP protocols from different locations.
  • Set alert thresholds and gain alerts on critical issues.
  • Integrate with your favourite channels such as Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat OpsGenie, and more.

With a full-stack monitoring tool like Atatus, you can discover, analyze, and rectify the issues that occur in your application and deliver the best application to your customers.

To make sure you are familiar with Synthetic Monitoring, we have written a blog post - Introduction to Synthetic Monitoring. Check out this blog post and see what Atatus offers you!

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