Database Monitoring

Database monitoring provides an in-depth overview of your database performance by surfacing slow database queries occurring within your requests along with transaction traces to provide actionable insights.

Database Monitoring
Query TimeDatabase Time Consumption

See how much time you spend in database calls

Get a comprehensive overview of each database operation and how it impacts your transaction performance. Within each database table and operation, get aggregated metrics for response times, throughput and slow SQL queries with the original traces.

Database Query Time
Slow QuerySlow SQL Queries

Pinpoint SQL queries that are slowing down your application

View the list of all slow SQL calls with normalized queries to understand which tables and operations have the most impact, know exactly which function called, when it was called and measure in a long term if your changes improve performance.

Database Slow Query
DB CallDatabase Measurement

See which DB calls affect a particular transaction

Drill down into an individual database operation to understand which end points call a particular table and operation, along with specific details of the total time consumed, response time, throughput, slowest SQL queries of that operation.

Database Calls

Performance Monitoring in real-time

Atatus captures all requests to your applications without requiring you to change your source code. Get a clear picture of how all your methods, database statements and external requests are affecting your user's experience.

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