How to resolve web performance issues?

Boost your digital experience with Atatus by monitoring your front-end errors in real-time to ensure your users get satisfied while using your web application. You can now keep track of your site 24/7 with the help of the Real User Monitoring tool and monitor the performance bottlenecks to proivde a better user-experience to your customers.

Monitor real-time web app performance metrics

Easily see what is happening in your application by knowing the details of various metrics such as errors, memory, throughput, response time.

You also get to know about traces, exceptions, and database operations. Trace the complete journey of your user and get to know in-depth insights about real-user monitoring to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Detect the abnormal web transaction performance

Easily gets alerts on common web application problems such as page rate, response per page, page errors, and a number of slow pages.

Know which page in your web application is causing the performance issues, reproduce them with the help of the metrics that Atatus provides and sort out the front-end errors to deliver the best end-user experience.

Receive alerts with an effective baseline. You can minimize the false alerts with quirk detection and intelligence monitoring.

Discover the potential users all around the world

Monitor the user journeys visually to track page loads, JS errors, XHR requests, and the longest response time. Also, find out the user experiences and respond instantly.

With the help of Real User Monitoring, you can find out the potential customers to support their KPIs like Profit and Customer retention rate in real-time.

Enlist the user insights to enhance the customer experience

Identify the poor lines of code quickly to improve team participation. Understand the user's preference by knowing their device, version, browser, and location. Ascertain the performance issues affecting the business transactions via user behavior in real-time.

We support applications that are built on PHP, Node.js, Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript. And working on .Net and Go.

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