What is an Apdex score?

Most of the business today is totally dependent on digital media. To be precise, they all make efforts to have a website or an application or both. Recent popular statistics show that the companies which have been diversifying over the area, are almost profit-generating with an application. However, application performance management is tedious and also takes so much time to solve for the company. That is where the APM provider solutions take charge and easily troubleshoot the performance issues in real time.

#1 Analyze and evaluate your end-user satisfaction with Apdex

Apdex score refers to the Application Performance Index. Atatus has been the best APM solution provider for a long time and uses the Apdex score to measure the user experience and satisfaction.

Generally, the definition of Apdex score conveys how well the application is performed as well as the end-user satisfaction via the graphs.

Suppose you already define a response time threshold T, all your users expect the web application to respond in T or less than T.

For instance, assume T=1.4 sec, and all the responses are completed in 0.5 sec, then your users are satisfied. If the responses are completed more than 1.4 sec, then your users are dissatisfied. Frustrated users are the ones whose response time is greater than 4T (i.e., 5.6 sec)

#2 Apdex rating system - Apdex T

Depending on the Apdex threshold and the application response time, the types of Apdex performance are mentioned below.

  • Satisfied: The response time is T or less than T
  • Tolerated: The response time is greater than T but less than 4T.
  • Frustrated: The response time is greater than 4T or any server side error occurs.

#3 Apdex formula

Some data is to be collected for calculating the apdex score. That is the number of satisfied users, number of frustrated users, and number of tolerated users. It is measured by the ratio of satisfactory response time to the unsatisfactory response time. This is how you have to calculate apdex score by using apdex score formula.

Apdex Score

#4 What is a good apdex score example?

The data which we collected over a time period is converted into a common index. The Apdex score calculation generally ranges from 0 to 1.

A good apdex score should range 1; this indicates that all your users are satisfied with your application performance.

If an apdex score ranges 0, this indicates that all your users are not satisfied with your application performance.

#5 Why is my Apdex score low and How to Improve an Apdex score?

The Apdex score is so useful to find which requests and transactions that slow down the website application. Well, To improve the Apdex score take the below steps.

  • Remove the third-party code which is not functioning properly.
  • Always test your updates and versions to optimize the web app performance.
  • Try to reduce HTTP requests.

Measure your application performance issues with Atatus

Atatus helps you to maintain the Apdex score at a satisfactory level. Atatus Apdex score shows the graphs in real time with the Google’s core web vitals.

You can also measure errors in your pages, routes, web transactions, AJAX requests and sessions. Gain insightful metrics from RUM and optimize your web application to deliver the top class user-experience to your customers.

Apdex Score in RUM

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