What are the features Atatus offers in Application Performance Monitoring(APM)?

Atatus APM refers to Atatus Application Performance Monitoring. It helps to detect and diagnose the application performance bottlenecks to solve the issues faster. See how your application performs in an all-in-one dashboard. Measure and resolve the performance issues that slows down your app in real-time.

Let us look at key features of Atatus APM tools:

1. Easy business transactions tracing

You get visibility into the snapshots of each and every business transaction in order to understand which requests are accessed generally. It is easy to look even at the code level to solve the issues in real time.

If it is not fixed at the code level, your end users may report a poor user experience that may affect your app badly. Therefore APM maintains to provide code level information to fix the problems. Atatus APM lets you drill down to SQL queries to find out which query is slow running in the process.

2. Infrastructure metrics

Atatus Application performance monitoring metrics involve min, max response time, requests, sessions, error states, CPU, disk, and memory utilization. These are the foremost metrics you have to check to find the efficiency of your application performance.

Make sure you get exact information concerning the performance metrics at periodic intervals. An ideal APM should be flexible and easy to use.

3. Website End-User Monitoring

This is an important tool every business has to consider. Because users' experience and satisfaction matter ultimately in the end.

Atatus RUM helps you to find out how long it takes to load your page; for how long it takes to send an email, for how long it takes to execute the business transactions. These should be solved in a quick manner for the purpose of the best user experience.

4. Smart threshold alerting system

Every business loses its patience when they don't know where the error occurs at the application. It may feel easy to troubleshoot the error in an application with the Atatus advanced alerting system.

Because it is integrated with many of the notifying channels like Slack, OpsGenie, BigPanda, Webhook, email that will alert you when there is a new error in the application.

Keep in mind that when alerts are in real time, it seems easy to eliminate errors with your team as soon as possible.

5. Detailed Reporting on issues

Reports are usually an important feature that should be analyzed at regular intervals for effective application performance. Atatus customized reports offer you clear in depth details about the performance of the application. There are numerous graphs, charts that show sudden spikes whenever an error arises.

6. Supported platforms

A good APM tool should support the following languages, PHP, Node.js, Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript. Atatus APM provides all these languages and frameworks and working on .Net and Go.

7. Simple pricing and cost effective:

Atatus pricing provides you the best solution for application performance monitoring. Make sure you choose a suitable plan as per the requirements for your business.

Check into the Atatus pricing page and provide the best application to your customers without any bugs and errors.

8. Digital experience management

With an Atatus APM tool, you can visualize the application infrastructure consistently and modify the changes according to the rapid alerts and reports.

Avail this opportunity to make the most of it with 14 days free trial and provide your customers with the best user experience for a long period.

9. Apdex score calculation

The Apdex score helps to find which requests and transactions slow down the website application. Well, user satisfaction is measured using Atatus Apdex score.

Apdex core always ranges from 0 to 1. To maintain high range, remove the third-party code which is not functioning as expected. Always test your updates and versions to optimize the web app performance.

10. Measure User Satisfaction

Atatus assists in maintaining the apdex score at a satisfactory range. Atatus Apdex score shows the graphs in real time with the Google’s core web vitals. You can also sign up at Atatus for 14 days free trial with no credit card required.

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