What is Atatus APM and its Benefits?

Atatus monitors the performance of your applications and makes sure that they are working as expected. All the data related to the performance are collected and displayed through graphs for easy understanding. Detects and diagnoses the Application performance bottlenecks of errors, traces, and exceptions before they impact the customer experience.

Monitor API Requests

Ensure a positive user experience on the website by analyzing the web transactions across your application. Inspect each and every transaction and pinpoint where they are spending most of the time.

Notice which transaction slows down your application by keeping an eye on both web transactions as well as non-web transactions with the detailed insights provided by Atatus, and optimize your application for the user benefits in real-time.

Besides, it helps all your team members to collaborate under one roof. In order to optimize the application performance, also able to track overall application usage to get spikes in the traffic.

Find Slowest Database Queries

Examine specific DB calls and know where the issue occurs. Database monitoring assists in keeping track of all the DB calls and detects the issue that decelerates the performance of your application and gives you extraordinary insights.

That means, it captures all the database performance report in your application and discovers the specific DB call that hinders the performance of your application.

In addition to that, you get deep visibility into components from all the URLs to the SQL queries and improve functionality at a lower cost by constantly monitoring your application.

Track Third Party API Requests

Provides detailed insights on API requests with Third Party API Request monitoring. Atatus monitors the external request call in your application and provides a comprehensive overview of the performance.

Readily able to supervise all the third-party API requests efficiently and finds the five main external services that caused the issue. It comes with greater insights so that you can improve the application performance.

Resolve Errors and Exceptions

Save your time with no duplicate errors. Atatus detects the potential errors that may affect your application and logs all the exceptions with a thorough report.

We help you to identify the exact line of the code where the error occurs. This may help you to quickly fix errors even before your customers experience them. All the errors are grouped together depending on the type and the transactions.

You can even view all the similar errors in one place so that you do not see duplicate errors which may save your time in analyzing other errors.

API Failures

Point out all failed requests and the associated failure codes with Atatus HTTP failure requests. An HTTP failure is usually caused when the normal flow of a transaction is impacted by the respective HTTP codes of each transaction.

You get a full and in-depth report on the errors and the error codes that have caused a transaction to fail. By analyzing the error codes, you can understand the reason for the failure. The complete report on each transaction includes details such as the response time, throughput, failed request, and failure rate.

An HTTP failure rate recognizes the exact failed transaction and the error codes that are causing this failure.

Rapid Alerting System

Get better results by fixing errors faster with Smart Alerts. With Atatus, you find it easy to notice the error earlier before it becomes a crucial issue. Atatus alerts you as quickly as possible when it notices an error and fixes them immediately with your team.

Also, it is integrated with many of the notifying channels like Slack, OpsGenie, BigPanda, Webhook, email and so on which will alert you whenever there arises a new error in the application.

Keep a check on code deployments with Deployment tracking

Add or update any new feature with confidence for the best version. Monitor each deployment in your application and optimize your application with the help of the insights.

Atatus keeps track of all the intertwined activities involved while deploying an application to ensure that the new version does not impact the current version of your application. Instant notification when new codes are deployed.

Explore the session traces

Encounter the complete waterfall report on the session traces. Experience and visualize the session trace information in a detailed waterfall report.

Atatus APM session provides valuable information on the user interaction with your application like its server, database calls to understand the problem areas, to identify the cause of the problems, and resolve them with ease.

An APM session trace page contains details of the most time-consuming database calls, the slowest transactions occurring within a time frame, the request info, and the external requests.

Atatus comes as a solution for How to measure Application performance at an affordable price range. Start your free trial for 14 days with no credit card required.

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