Error Tracking

Identify, diagnose and resolve the most hidden issues that are affecting your users. Quickly diagnose issues in your code, fix and deploy to give your users an error free user experience.

Error Tracking
Stack TraceStack Trace

Zero in on the root cause of exception

See the full stack trace that pinpoints the exact line of code that caused the error. Get code snippets around each stack trace line that makes understanding the error easier from within Atatus. Identify the release or commit that introduced this error and resolve it sooner.

Stack Trace
ContextError Context

Get all the necessary context when an error occurs

When an error occurs Atatus collects many other related information such as host, URL, port, user, app, version and more that helps you in getting the context and debugging the issue.

Error Context
NotifyGet Notified

Instantly get notified when and how an error is thrown

We support different ways to get notifications on new issues so that you are always alerted when there are issues in your application. Some of the most popular integrations we offer are Slack, Teams, PagerDuty, VictorOps and more. Also send to your own WebHooks if that is preferred.

Error Notification
TicketingProject Management

Link errors that occurs to track in your Project Management

Atatus has integrations with your most commonly used Project Management tools JIRA, Asana, GitLab, Pivotal Tracker and more. Link the new errors that are identified and start tracking them in your own management tools with a two way synchronization.

Ticketing Integration

Performance Monitoring in real-time

Atatus captures all requests to your applications without requiring you to change your source code. Get a clear picture of how all your methods, database statements and external requests are affecting your user's experience.

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