Base64 to JSON

Easy to use and helps you to convert base64 string to json object.

Convert your Base64 data into JSON

Hassle free converter

Simply copy and paste the Base64 string in the text editor box or just upload the file to be decoded to convert it to JSON data.

100% Security

We respect your privacy and won't store any of your base64 data on our site. Upon converting it into the JSON format, your data will be permanently deleted.

Save time and money

With this tool, you can easily convert your data within a matter of minutes and it is entirely free of charge.

FAQs about Base64 to JSON Converter

What is a Base64 to JSON online converter tool?

The Base64 to JSON online tool lets you convert the base64 string into JSON. Just load your base64 string and click on the convert button it will automatically decode into JSON data. The Base64 to JSON decoder is free and without annoying ads or pop-ups.

What can you do with Base64 to JSON Converter?

Steps to convert CSV to Base64

  1. Enter or paste the Base64 string in the text editor or upload the file.

  2. To output your JSON object, select the desired formats from the settings menu.

  3. Generating Base64 data is as simple as clicking on the "Convert" button.

  4. Save the JSON object by clicking on the copy or download button after it has been generated.

Can it detect Base64 errors?

Yes, our free tool finds errors while converting base64 strings into JSON objects. Errors will be displayed on the output box.

Are there any other services that Atatus offers?

Yes, Atatus also offers monitoring tools to keep track of your website availability in order to have the earliest warning of failures and errors.

What are the different monitoring tools that Atatus provide?

Atatus offers a variety of monitoring tools with an all-in-one dashboard that helps in developing a bug-free website. Here is the list of features that Atatus offers:

  1. The Application Performance Monitoring(APM) tool allows you to easily identify hidden issues and bugs in the application's backend code.
  2. Using Real User Monitoring(RUM), analyse every aspect of the frontend application, from page loads to HTTP requests to crashes and errors.
  3. Check the availability of your site with our Synthetic Monitoring.
  4. The Infrastructure Monitoring tool provides insight into how servers, processes, and networks within your IT infrastructure are working and allows you to resolve issues.
  5. Monitor the REST APIs in your application and find out the API errors and API response time using API Analytics to deliver the best end-user experience.
  6. Search, analyze and monitor the log events using our Logs Monitoring tool and filter the log data to find out the errors and performance bottlenecks in your app.
Can I keep track of errors in my JSON payload using Atatus?

Yes, you can easily monitor the JSON payload in your application with our API analytics.

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