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Check your website uptime

Is your website down?

Get to know when your website goes down with our online uptime checking tool for free. There is no need to install or download any software.

Check page loading speed

Check the status of your page and determine the pottential issues that can happen to your site with our monitoring services.

Check website uptime 24/7

Atatus Synthetic Monitoring allows you to perform these checks automatically. You'll be notified whenever an error occurs on your site.

FAQs about Website Uptime Checker tool

What is website uptime?

Uptime is the amount of time the server, hardware, network or website has been functional. Technically, it's the time that your hosting server stays up and running. As an example, 99.95% represents the percentage of time that is available at any given moment.

What are the factors that affect website uptime?

Several factors affect website uptime, including:

  • Connection speed
  • File and type and size
  • Hardware failures
  • Human error
  • Backup disk corruption
  • Power outage
How does Atatus Uptime Check online tool works?

To test your website availability or uptime, enter the site URL in the Uptime checker online tool and click on the test now button. Our free tool will start analyzing your website for availability. Once the test is done, your results will get displayed within a matter of seconds.

How is website uptime calculated?

Website uptime can be calculated by the total number of hours your website is available, divided by the total number of hours per year multiplied by 100.

Website Uptime = (Total available time/total time per year) x 100

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