LESS Beautifier

Beautify your LESS script by removing the white space, tabs, indentations.

Free Online LESS Beautifier

Beautify LESS data

LESS online free beautifier tool provides the beautified LESS data within a matter of seconds. There is no need to sign up or download any software to beautify the LESS code.

Fixes indentation

Using this LESS beautifier tool, you can eliminate white spaces and braces that can increase the size of your file. You can also manually fix the LESS errors that are specified by the tool.

Copy or download

For further use of the beautified LESS data, you can copy or download it and share it with your teammates. No need to worry about your privacy; we will not store the LESS data on our servers.

FAQs about LESS Beautifier

What is LESS?

LESS is a backwards compatible and dynamic preprocessor style-sheet language that can be compiled into CSS. It extends CSS that can be run on both the server and client side. It is also cross-browser compatible.

What is a beautifier tool?

Developers are busy developing their applications and are not concerned about the appearance of the code. Rather, they are focused on finishing the application by its deadline.

With beautifier tools, we can organise our messy code in a fraction of the time with just a click and make it more readable for humans.

How does a Beautifier improve the readability and consequently the maintainability of the code?

It helps us to create a uniform structure by:

  • uses indentations,
  • adds blocks to modifying statements like if, else, for, while etc,
  • sets spaces before and after the arguments of modifying statements and for operators,
  • uses code coloring for syntax highlighting.
What is LESS beautifier?

LESS beautifier allows you to beautify by simply uploading your LESS script.

  • It ensures four levels of indentation: 2 spaces, 3 spaces, 4 spaces and tab-separated.
  • Different HTML constructs are highlighted in color.
  • Supports copying and pasting and file uploading.
How do I use LESS beautifier tool?

To use LESS beautifier tool:

  • Step1: Upload the LESS script or file in the input area.
  • Step2: Click on the beautify button to organize your LESS code.
  • Supports copying and pasting and file uploading.
Does LESS beautifier tool save any of the data I format?

No, we do not save any of our customer's data in our server or database.

Is LESS beautifier tool secure?

Yes, it is 100% secure to use our LESS beautifier tool since we use HTTPS for better performance and security.

Is LESS beautifier tool free to use?

Yes, it is completely free to use and you do not need to download any software or application to use our tool.

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