Number Sorter

Free Number Sorter tool to sort Numbers, Big Numbers, Floats and Longs in ascending and descending order.

Sort numbers in ascending and descending order

Simple & easy to use

One click is all it takes to instantly sort the list of numbers. Simply paste the number list into the text box to have it sorted in a few minutes.

Multi-browser support

Our Number sorter tool can be used with any browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Save time

Using the free number sorter tool will save you valuable time instead of sorting a bulk list of numbers manually.

FAQs on Number Sorter

What is sorting?

Sorting is a process of organizing data in a specific order. This can be done with a variety of different algorithms, all of which have their own trade-offs in terms of time and space complexity.

Sorting can be done alphabetically, numerically, or by other specific criteria. Sorting is a common operation in computer programming, and is used to organize data for storage or retrieval.

What is an sorting algorithm?

A sorting algorithm is a set of instructions for organizing a list of items in a specific order. Sorting algorithms are used in computer programs to arrange data in a particular order. There are many different sorting algorithms, and each has its own pros and cons. Some sorting algorithms are faster than others, and some are more efficient when sorting large lists. Some sorting algorithms are designed to work with a specific data type, while others can work with any datatype.

What are the different types of sorting?

Some of the most common sorting algorithm's are:

  1. Selection sort
  2. Bubble sort
  3. Insertion sort
  4. Merge sort
  5. Quick sort
  6. Heap sort
  7. Counting sort
  8. Radix sort
  9. Bucket sort
What is an sorting list tool?

Sorting list tool is a free online browser-based tool that helps you to organize a list of items such as alphabets, strings, integers etc. in a specific order.

How to sort a list of numbers?

First, consider the given list and then arrange it in ascending or descending order as per your requirement. To do that take the smallest value and move with the next largest value in the list and make it a sort list in ascending order and vice versa for descending order.

Example: 1,2,-3,0 can be sorted numerically -3,0,1,2 (from the smallest to the biggest)

What is a number sorter?

A number sorter tool helps you to quickly and easily sort numbers. There are many different ways to use a number sorter tool, but the most common use is to simply enter a list of numbers into the tool, and then click on the "Sort" button. The number sorter tool will then sort the numbers in either ascending or descending order.

How does the number sorter tool works?

Data can be sorted and analyzed in meaningful ways by sorting. In order to determine the minimum to maximum number of deals closed in a month, you can order sales data based on revenue generated. This tool keeps track of the alphabetical or numeric order of the lines and sorts them in ascending order.

How to use the number sorter tool?

It is very easy to use:

  1. Enter all the numbers separated by comma, space or line break.
  2. Select Ascending (from small to large) or Descending (from large to small) order to sort the numbers.
  3. Click "Sort Numbers" button.
  4. Your output will be displayed in the Output text box.
Is the number sorter online tool free and secure to use?

The number sorter tool is completely free and secure to use. Since we process all the data on the client-side we do not save information in our server.

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