XML Beautifier

Beautify, and re-indent XML documents. It removes unnecessary line breaks, removes indentation and reformats XML tags to a standard style.

Beautify XML code

Get rid of messy XML code

Clean up your messy XML code with our XML beautifier which is completely free to use. It makes your code look professional and improves the readability of your XML code.

It's 100% free

Prettifying your XML code does not require any special tool or software. Take advantage of our online XML Beautifier tool. It is free to use and does not require any installation process.

Safest and fastest

Instead of storing your XML data in our servers, the XML beautifier tool converts the data online in your browser. Your data is completely safe and secure.

FAQs about XML Beautifier

What is an XML?

XML is a markup language that can transfer and store data. Data and information are stored in XML files through tags.

With XML design, simplicity and compatibility are the major objectives, making it independent of the platform or programming language.

What is an XML beautifier?

Adding proper indentations to an XML file enhances its readability for developers. For a developer, this process is challenging to perform without encountering problems, since it requires accuracy.

In order to automate the process of beautifying XML codes, the online XML beautifier has been developed. With an advanced XML code beautifier, users can enhance their XML code instantly with only one click.

As a result of the algorithms used to develop our online XML beautifier, the beautification task takes place on the client-side itself which does not require any special or time-consuming input from the user. Atatus's online XML beautifier tool ensures users get quality results making no changes to their XML files.

Why XML beautifier?

Indentations are tedious and time-consuming to add to XML files. An XML prettify tool will handle this chore in seconds, saving you time and effort. It is possible to make several errors when manually prettifying an XML file. Users can expect 100% accurate results from this XML prettify tool.

It will create an easy-to-read XML code file. Adding and changing the code is simple without encountering any intricacies. The XML file can become messy and difficult to understand when multiple developers work on it. With an XML code beautifier, you can transform a XML file into a neat and clean format.

How to use our beautify/prettify XML code?

Using our XML beautifier is very simple and straight. Follow the set of instructions to prettify your XML code.

  • Step-1: Copy and paste the XML code in the input box or upload the XML file directly from your computer.
  • Step-2: Once the above step is done, click on the "Beautify XML" button.
  • Step-3: Your desired output will be displayed in the output box within a matter of seconds.
  • Is this XML beautifier compatible with all devices?

    Yes, our XML beautifier online tool is compatible with all devices. You can easily access our hassle-free online on the laptop, desktop, smartphone or any other device.

    This XML beautifier tool is compatible with all operating systems, including iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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