HTML Beautifier

Beautify HTML code and more readable and resolve the errors that are highlighted.

HTML Beautifier

Get rid of messy HTML code

Clean up your messy HTML code with our HTML beautifier which is completely free to use. It makes your code look professional and improves the readability of your HTML code.

It's 100% free

Formatting your HTML code does not require any special tools or software. Take advantage of our online HTML Beautifier tool. It is free to use and does not require any installation process.

Safest and fastest

Instead of storing your HTML data in our servers, the HTML beautifier tool converts the data online in your browser. Your data is completely safe and secure.

FAQs about HTML Beautifier

What is an HTML Beautifier tool?

With the HTML beautifier online free tool, you can ensure that your HTML code has a clear indentation level. Using this, you can now clearly identify the starting and ending points for the HTML tags. Improve the readability of your messy HTML code by adding appropriate indentation.

How do I beautify or format the HTML code using the online tool?

By following these steps, you can beautify/format the HTML code.

  1. The HTML code can either be copied and pasted or uploaded by choosing the "choose file" option.

  2. Select the desired output options (optional) by clicking on the "Show settings" button.

  3. The resulting code will be displayed in the "Output" section.

  4. To use, copy and paste the code where necessary.

Does HTML Beautifier Online Tool log my data?

It certainly does not. This HTML Beautifier does all the formatting on the client's side. All logic is implemented via JavaScript.

  • No data is ever shared, so you can rest assured your data is secure.

  • There is no Internet delay, so you save time by doing the whole thing on the server side.

What are the essential parts of code formatting?

Since code formatting conventions differ by language, these are the basic elements of code formatting.

  • Indentation

  • White space

  • Capitalization and naming conventions

  • Style and spelling of functions, variables and more

  • Use and style of comments

Does the tool displays error in the HTML code?

Yes, the HTML errors are highlighted in the output box. Additionally, you can use Atatus to detect errors and performance bottlenecks in your application.

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