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Get the IP address of the domain name and check it regularly, which can help you protect your business and get you back online faster in the event of an attack.

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Gain instant results by entering the domain name without wasting time in the command prompt (CMD) to conduct a ping or a traceroute, download an app to do it.

Questions and answers regarding Find IP address

What is an IP address?

The number of devices connected to the Internet is growing at an exponential rate. The World Wide Web is growing faster than our ability to keep track of the devices that are connected to it. In simple terms, each computer gets a special address called an Internet Protocol Address - or IP - which uniquely identifies it within the internet. Every device connected to the internet has a unique IP address because it is assigned a different number by a router.

What is the importance of an IP address?

Without IP you cannot access the internet. IP addresses are needed to establish connections between devices that send and receive data over a network. The address is what computers and networking devices recognize and understand, allowing them to communicate with each other.

Can your IP remain unchanged?

No, the IP address is temporary, and it keeps changing whenever you change from one place to another(from home to office, office to cafe etc..). Whenever your computer or any device is connected to the internet, the Internet Service Provider assigns the IP address for you.

Is it legal to look up someone's IP address?

The IP addresses of computers are publicly available and contain no personally identifiable information. Ip addresses are legal as long as it is not used for illegal and criminal purposes.

Is this IP lookup tool free of cost?

Our IP address lookup tool is free and available online. To use it, there is no need to download anything.

What is the difference between IP Lookup, IP Locator and IP Checker tool?

There are no differences. The tools may have different names, but they all perform the same task - finding your IP address and geolocating your IP address.

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