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With IP address lookup tool, you can not only find out your IP address from the What's my IP address tool, but also find out the location of your IP address such as the city, country, and timezone.

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This tool provides a precise description of the given domain. Make sure your IP address is always accurate since it help data to find its destination and reach the intended online recipient.

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Our tool automatically detects the IP address of your system and displays the result in just a few seconds. It is 100% safe to use our tool since we do not store your data in our databases.

FAQs about What's my IP Address tool

What is an IP address?

An IP address distinguishes a device on the internet or any network from others by providing a unique identifier. It enables computers to send and receive data packets over networks.

What does my IP address reveal about me?

Your IP address reveals where you are and who you are:

  1. City
  2. Country
  3. State
  4. Pincode
What are the versions of IP addresses?

There are two different versions of IP addresses available on the global internet.

  1. IPv4 address
  2. IPv6 address
What is IPv4 address?

IPv4 address is the original version of the IP address. It is developed using the 32-bit binary format and comprises 232 addresses.

What is IPv6 address?

IPv6 is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol (IP), the system that provides addresses for devices on a network. IPv6 was developed to address the problem of address exhaustion, which occurs when the pool of available IP addresses is depleted. IPv6 uses a 128-bit address, which allows for a vastly increased number of unique addresses. IPv6 is not backwards-compatible with IPv4, which means that devices on an IPv6 network cannot communicate with devices on an IPv4 network. IPv6 address was derived from 4 hexadecimal digits and eight sets, separated by a colon (:).

How do I determine my IP address?

There are many ways to identify the IP address of your computer.

  1. With the help of the What is my IP Address free and online tool you can easily identify the IP address of your system. It will display the IP address, along with the geolocation information of that ‌IP address.
  2. Go to the terminal on a Mac or Linux system and enter "ips". Your IP address will be displayed.
  3. In windows:
    • Click on Start Menu
    • Type cmd in the search box
    • Enter ipconfig /all in the terminal
    • IP address is the IPv4 address
How do I protect my IP address?

You can hide it to protect your IP address.

  • Use a VPN service
  • Use the browser
  • Use a proxy server
  • Use Public WiFi

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