CSS Beautifier

Clean up your messy CSS styles to make it more readable and resolve the errors that are highlighted.

Code your CSS in a beautiful way

Clean your messy CSS code

Once the CSS coding is done, the next step is to improve the code segment appearance and formatting. By using our CSS Beautifier tool online and saving time, you can easily make your CSS code look better.

Make CSS code look professional

It is vital that your code is clear when you present it to the web developers. The simplest way to beautify your CSS code is to use an online free tool, CSS Beautifier, rather than spending hours cleaning your code.

Safest and fastest

Instead of storing your CSS styles in our servers, the CSS beautifier tool prettifies the code online in your browser. Your data is completely safe and secure.

FAQs about CSS Beautifier

What is a CSS Beautifier tool?

CSS beautifier (also known as CSS formatter) is an online free tool that helps you format CSS code. It also shows line numbers for code blocks, making it easy to identify where you need to insert new lines or columns.

How do I beautify or format the CSS code using the online tool?

By following these steps, you can beautify/format the CSS code.

  1. The CSS code can either be copied and pasted or uploaded by choosing the "choose file" option.

  2. Select the desired output options (optional) by clicking on the "Show settings" button.

  3. The resulting code will be displayed in the "Output" section.

  4. To use, copy and paste the code where necessary.

What is code formatting?

Code formatting is organizing a program's source code into legible blocks called segments. Formatting helps readers better understand a program's structure and logic. It is also an important step in the development process because it helps developers maintain consistency and readability when reviewing or creating code.

What are the benefits of code formatting?
  • It is easy to communicate your intent.

  • An organized structure makes it simple to navigate.

  • Quick and provides better readability.

What are the essential parts of code formatting?

Since code formatting conventions differ by language, these are the basic elements of code formatting.

  • Indentation

  • White space

  • Capitalization and naming conventions

  • Style and spelling of functions, variables and more

  • Use and style of comments

How to identify errors in my CSS code?

Monitoring tools can help you identify the bugs and performance bottlenecks in your CSS code and entire application. Atatus, a full-stack monitoring tool, offers Real User Monitoring, which lets you monitor both the CSS and front-end code simultaneously.

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