URL Decoder

URL Decoder instantly encode your url.

Online URL Decoder

From anywhere, decode URLs

It is compatible with all platforms including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Software or plugins do not need to be installed.

Quick and simple URL decoder

To decode a URL, upload it and click "Decode". A decoded URL will be displayed immediately without any interruption.

Aspects of URL Decoding

You can easily decide your URL and share it either by copying it or downloading it and change settings as per your preferences.

FAQs about URL Decoder

What is a URL decoder?

URL decoder is a free online tool to decode the URL with its parameters.

Why do you want to decode a URL?

Decoding URLs enables the analysis of query strings and path parameters passed in URLs. Data in URLs can be decoded so they can be viewed in their actual format by the software that represents them.

Is this application safe to use for decoding URLs?

Free online URL Decoding is safe and secure with us. Any data uploaded is immediately deleted from our servers. Data entered by our users are not stored or inspected by us.

How to use URL decoder?
  • Step-1: Input the URL data n the input box.
  • Step-2: Click on the Decode button. Your result will be displayed in just a few minutes.

You can copy or download the result for further use.

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