SLA & DownTime calculator

This tool will help you to meet your SLA requirements by calculating the downtime based on the uptime percentage provided.

FAQs about SLA Downtime

What is an SLA?

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define both the services a customer requires and the level of service they expect from a service provider. There are different agreements for different vendors, services, and industries.

What is SLA Uptime?

A service commitment or SLA is the duration for which service remains available. Uptime is measured as a percent. Consider a company that provides an Uptime of 99%. This means they can expect their service to be down 1% of the time, or 3.65 days per year.

What is SLA Uptime Calculator?

SLA Uptime Calculator calculates the downtime of your website, system, host, or server based on the uptime you provide. By using our free and online SLA Uptime Calculator tool, you can estimate a period of downtime allowance based on a percentage of uptime.

How much downtime is 99.9%?

An SLA level of 99.9% uptime/availability means you can experience the following downtime/unavailability periods:

  1. Daily: 1m 26s.
  2. Weekly: 10m 4s.
  3. Monthly: 43m 49s.
  4. Quarterly: 2h 11m 29s.
  5. Yearly: 8h 45m 56s.
How to use the SLA & Uptime Calculator?

Our tool is easy to use and quick to master.

  • Step-1: Enter the uptime of your server in the input box
  • Step-2: Click on the Calculate Downtime button and your result will be displayed in a matter of seconds.

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