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Any time you want to know what headers are being sent with a request, you can use a server header checker tool. This comes in handy when you want to troubleshoot why a request isn't working as expected.

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HTTP headers include essential SEO items, which are more common than you might imagine. By reviewing the HTTP response headers that are returned when client requests are sent to the server, you can gain much insight into technical SEO.

FAQs on HTTP header checker tool

What are HTTP headers?

HTTP headers are the components of an HTTP request or response, and usually consist of a name and a value separated by a colon. They include information about the request or response, such as the content type, encoding, language, and so on. Headers can also be used to specify caching directives and authentication credentials.

What is HTTP header checker tool?

An HTTP header checker tool is a utility that allows you to check the HTTP headers that are returned by a web server when you request a web page. This can be useful for troubleshooting web server problems, or for seeing what information is being sent by the server.

How to use the HTTP header checker tool?

It is very simple to use, follow the below steps to use the HTTP header checker tool:

  1. Enter the website URL.
  2. Click on the "View Headers" button.
  3. Your result will be displayed on the same page within a matter of seconds.
What information does a server headers checker tool provide?
  1. Date
  2. Server
  3. Set-Cookie
  4. Connection
  5. Content-Encoding
  6. Vary
  7. Cache-Control
  8. Transfer-Encoding
  9. Expires
  10. X-Powered-By
  11. Link
Is the HTTP checker tool free to use?

Yes, the HTTP server header checker online tool is completely free to use.

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