Hex to Base64

Smart tool where you can convert your hexadecimal values to base64 strings.

Online Hex to Base64 Converter

Completely free

Don't download any software when you have a hassle-free Hex to Base64 online free converter tool for such simple tasks. Our tool is completely free to use.

Split lines into chunks

The encoded data will appear as continuous text without white-space, so click on the line wrap in the settings options, if you want to separate it into small chunks.

Safe and secure

The entire communication with our servers uses secure SSL encrypted connections (HTTPS). The uploaded file is removed from our servers and the downloaded version is deleted within 15 minutes of inactivity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hex to Base64 converter tool

What is a Hexadecimal to Base64 online converter tool?

Hex to Base64 is an online free tool that lets you encode Hexadecimal characters into a base64 string with no interruptions or advertisements.

What are the steps for converting Hex to Base64?

Steps to convert Hex to Base64

  1. Upload or enter the hexadecimal data into a text editor.

  2. Choose the output format from the settings menu to display your Base64 string(optional).

  3. Clicking the "Convert" button will generate a Base64 string for you.

  4. After it has been generated, click the copy or download button to save the Base64 string in your file.

What are the options available in the settings menu?

Line Number: In the text editor, line numbers will automatically be added when this option is selected. These are just for reference, and won't be included in your code.

Line wrap: The encoded data will be a continuous text with no whitespaces. In this option, the string is broken into multiple lines, and encoded lines have no more than 90 characters and will not display in a single line.

Smart Indent: It adds or removes new spaces automatically by adding or removing extra spaces from your code.

Dark Mode: If you select this option, you can switch the default color theme from white to dark in the text editor.

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