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Check out the geographical location from where the website has been hosted and get the details such as City, Country and the Region.

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Questions and answers regarding Find Website Location

Why does it matter where your server is located?

Location of the server might affect

  • the latency and speed of the website.
  • the SEO ranking
  • legal compliance
How do I find the location of your website's server?

Our free and online location finder tool enables you to find the geographical location of your website or domain.

Enter the domain name and click on Find Location button. You will get the location of your website in a matter of seconds.

What is latency?

Latency is the time it takes for the data packet to tarvel from source to destination.

In a network or internet connection, latency refers to the amount of delay. When latency is low, there are little to no delays. However, high latency implies many delays. Reducing latency is one of the main goals of improving performance.

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