URL Encoder

URL Encoder instantly encode your url.


What is URL Encoding?

URL encoding is the process of interpreting special characters in a URL. It converts the characters into a bytes using the UTF-8 encoding. It replaces the unsafe ASCII charcaters with % followed by two hexadecimal digits.

Why do you need URL Encoding?

URLs can only have certain characters from the standard 128 character ASCII set. Reserved characters that do not belong to this set must be encoded.

This means that we need to encode these characters when passing into a URL. Special characters such as &, space, ! when entered in a url need to be escaped, otherwise they may cause unpredictable situations.

How to use online URL encoder?

Our free online URL encoder is easy to use.

  1. Step:1 Enter the URL to encode.
  2. Step:2 Click on the Encode URL button to get instant result.

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