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Create strong passwords for all your accounts whether it is online or offline. Easily generate secure passwords with our tool Random Password Generator by mixing letters, numbers and symbols for the ultimate in security.

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FAQs about Random Password Generator

What is a password generator?

A password generator is a free and online tool that creates automatic passwords based on your guidelines for creating strong passwords that are unique and unpredictable for each of your accounts. This feature allows users to create stronger passwords for different ‌access.

In addition, they use special characters such as brackets, asterisks, and slashes, as well as numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters to create complex/strong passwords.

Why should my password be random?

Passwords that appear random contain a jumble of unrelated characters and exhibit a distinct pattern. Passwords that are hard to guess and harder to crack are more secure since hackers can't use brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, or phishing to guess them.

What makes a password strong?

A strong password should be:

  • Long: Creating a password is one of the most important aspects. An ideal password should have at least 12 characters.
  • Complex/Random: Ensure the mix of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, symbols, and characters are complex and random. The more complex the password, the more difficult it will be to crack using brute force.
  • Unique: Strong passwords should be unique to each account so that hackers are less likely to exploit them.
Example: dr8e8gUn%7a9
What are the requirements for a strong password?

Your password should contain

  • at least 12 characters
  • 5 or more unique characters
  • inclusion of at least one special character and the allowed special characters are ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * - _ = + [ { ] } / ; : , . ?
How often should I change my password?

Passwords should be changed periodically so they remain safe from hackers. Changing your password every three months or quarter is recommended by security experts. You can enhance the security of your passwords by using multi-factor authentication and changing them frequently.

Is it safe to use a random password generator tool?

Passwords generated by a password generator are much more secure than those you design yourself. It depends on two things: the security of the website hosting the password generator and the software the generator uses.

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