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SSL Certificate Checker helps you check the validity of a website's SSL certificate.

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Check website SSL certificate

Is your website secure?

With SSL certificate checker tool you can easily ascertain whether you have a valid SSL certificate and that the use of your website is secure.

Eliminate errors and security gaps

By using the detailed SSL certificate overview provided by Atatus, you can detect when it has expired and reduce security threats.

Quick validation

Detects faulty installation, retrieves time, name and validity and other information regarding your SSL certificate and displays the result.

FAQs about website SSL Certificate Checker

What is an SSL certificate?

In an SSL Certificate, an organization's details are bound to a cryptographic key. By using the padlock and the HTTPS protocol, it enables a secure connection from a web server to a browser. It is common to use SSL to secure credit card transactions, data transfers, and logins. Social media sites are also using SSL for security.

What type of encryption does SSL use?

The SSL protocol makes use of RSA's asymmetric and symmetric encryption algorithms, where asymmetric encryption helps establish a secure client-server connection and symmetric encryption helps with exchanging secure information over an existing secured session, also known as an SSL handshake.

What is the importance of the SSL certificate?

  1. Authentication - It ensures you are connecting to the right server
  2. Encryption - Ensures data transmission security (i.e., server to server, browser to the server, apps to the server, etc.).
  3. Data integrity - Validates whether the data requested or submitted is the data delivered. The data between your clients and servers will not be modified during transit.
  4. SEO ranking - Google has announced SSL certificates as a ranking factor, so if you have an SSL certificate, it could improve your search ranking.

How do you check my website has SSL?

There are two ways to see if your website has an SSL certificate

  1. In the URL of your website, check to see if HTTPS is included. If it is, your website has an SSL certificate.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the free SSL Certificate Checker tool. Enter the domain name, click on it, scan my site, and the results will appear.
Do SSL certificates expire?

Yes, when an SSL certificate's validity expires, the certificate becomes invalid. SSL certificates typically have a validity period of 1 to 2 years.

How do I know when my SSL expires?

With the free SSL certificate checker tool, you can determine whether the certificate is valid. There is no need to download any software to use it.

What is an SSL certificate validation tool?

An SSL certificate validation tool is an online free tool that helps validate the authenticity of an SSL certificate. It does this by checking the SSL certificate for any errors, and then verifying that the certificate has been signed by a trusted authority. This process helps to ensure that the SSL certificate is valid and that the website is secure.

Can I monitor SSL certificate consistently?

Yes, you can monitor your website's SSL certificate with Synthetic Monitoring offered by Atatus. It provides in-depth metrics by validating your SSL certificate with a detailed report.

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